Bespoke Radiator Covers

Transform Your Home with Bespoke Radiator Cabinets & Radiator Covers. Do you need Custom Made Radiator Covers? New radiators are uninspiring enough. But randomly placed, rusting, ugly radiators can seriously takeaway from your interior styling. We know how frustrating it can be to have radiators spoil thelook you want. Especially when you have invested time redecorating your home.

Our Radiator cover Sizes and Prices:
Small            900mm-1200mm Width and Price 340 euro
Medium       1200mm–1500mm Width and Price 380 euro
Large            1500mm-1800mm Width and Price 460 euro
Extra Large – 1800mm-2200mm Width and Price 480 euro

Radiator covers are 900mm Hight and 200mm Dep

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Radiator Covers

The issue

Central heating systems bring warmth and comfort into your home. Unfortunately, they come with hard edges, sharp corners and rusty metal surfaces. This can leave your home feeling cold, stark and hazardous.

So, what can you do?

Discover bespoke radiator covers designed to transform your space. Covering unattractive heaters, our range of custom made radiator cabinets is the answer. Think minimal designs or custom-made tall radiator covers. Complete your space with the details that matter.

Made to Measure Radiator Cabinets to the Rescue