CNC cutting service

Our CNC is a 3 axis Morbidelli panel machine capable of machining boards as large as 3660 x 1500 and our maximum cutting depth is 70mm. The machine features a self-loading and unloading bed meaning it can be unloaded quickly maximising machine time.

CNC routing is a method of cutting flat sheet materials like MDF into specific shapes using a large computer controlled router and a cutting program generated from a CAD file. The parts can be cut as many times as you like all with the same accuracy.

Cut through – Rebate – Drill – Chamber – Round-over – Pocket – Profile – Engrave

The CNC can do the above to:

A large variety of woods such as ply (birch ply, marine ply, laminated ply etc), MDF, laminated MDF; and solid wood like pine, oak and walnut. If you have a specific material in mind and want to know whether it is appropriate please get in touch.

cnc service

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